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Kickfire provide many services from creative through application design to development, our core services are below but please get in touch if the service is not mentioned and we will endeavor to advise and assist.


Our roots reside in Web Application and Web Services development using a plethora of programming languages to suit any environment. Naturally building on top of this comes API development and the development and integration of Mobile applications.


All of our web applications are developed with your end user in mind. This has made a mobile first approach a priority for most. However KickFire also monitors device types and resolutions region by region and this ensures your design works and looks it’s best for your target audience.


An essential component of any brands strategy. KickFire works with you to ensure a cost effective solution from concept to delivery across all media. We have delivered solutions for some of the largest FMCG companies as well as small start-ups.


Cyber security should be at the forefront of any development project whether Web, Desktop or Mobile. With the number and complexity of potential threats growing daily. Securing your website or enterprise application is an intregral part of our development process.


Here's a selection of categories and clients we have worked with.


PepsiCo / Britvic




Red Hat Salsa


Stroke Care


Parish / Town Councils

Creative Community



A little about us.

  • 1998-2000

    Our Humble Beginnings

    KickFire.com was one of the very first communication and collaboration portals in the world. Based in San Jose it opened its European operation and provided a solution to both corporate marketing departments as well as marketing agencies. As a start-up it suffered from the first .com bubble burst and the European arm became TEEC ltd in order to sell a range of Marketing solutions.

  • 2001

    TEEC is Born

    The EMEA team from KickFire.com becomes the foundation of TEEC ltd (The EMEA Enterprise Company Ltd) which continues to work with Corporates and Agencies to provide the Marketing Enterprise tools needed to ensure successful campaigns and initiates true multi-channel multi-step campaigns.

  • 2002

    Services are created

    Marketing clients ask for services like email marketing and campaign management for their brands. We start to provide a range of support direct to them to fulfil this need.

  • 2005

    Hosting Services

    MarketFirst.com ask us to take on their hosting systems in EMEA to enable marketing teams to use systems one campaign at a time and convert enterprise class marketing solutions to software as a service.

  • 2005-2007

    Campaign Management

    Clients like Cadburys, Norwich Union, Applied Biosystems, Sophos, and more are using us to help run marketing campaigns and report on their KPI’s in order to achieve better return on investment, click through rates and sales of products. We are running segmented multi-channel multi-step campaigns as the norm.

  • 2008

    Full solution provider

    Britvic selects TEEC to centralise all their websites, deploy a DAM solution and provide other key solutions to give them a single view of all their contacts for both b2b and b2c communication. We start to deliver on creative assets as we are asked to maintain web sites as well as providing other services.

  • 2009

    True Interaction

    PepsiCo appoints us to host the Dodgeball Challenge. This challenge lets people remotely control one of six giant Dodgeball firing cannons at real players, included were celebrities from the world of music and entertainment. All with a click of your mouse!. This hugely successful campaign designed by Unit 9 leads to us being appointed to centralise all brands onto our hosting platform and provide a range of services to their marketing team for the UK.

  • 2012

    Demand grows

    Marketing teams start to ask us to help by building sites and digital campaigns from scratch as well as look after the entry, winner selection and fulfilment of prizes for these competitions. We are now managing some of the largest digital campaigns in Europe.

  • 2012

    No.1 FMCG hosting company in the UK

    We have become the number 1 hosting and service provider for FMCG sector with brands related to , carbonated drinks, snacks and breakfast products.

  • 2016

    EMEA Expansion

    Multiple clients as us to manage and maintain their brands across the EMEA region.

  • 2016

    Asia Middle East and Northern Africa + ISO27001

    We start to open a liaison office in India to extend our reach for global campaigns and ensure true follow the sun support is delivered by people in the right timezone. The company becomes fully ISO 27001 compliant on all controls.

  • 2018

    Growing partnerships

    We team up with ISCorp (based in Milwaukee) east coast USA to expand the capability of both companies world wide. It combines all the datacentres in the USA and our presence in Europe and ASIA to ensure seamless fast solutions are available for any size campaign anywhere. We also partner with Amazon & Microsoft Azure to provide TEEC / KickFire services on public cloud platforms.

  • 2019

    Transition to full service

    The KickFire brand is launched to allow delivery on a true end to end solution from creative, through build to delivery and maintenance. This formalises all the things that have been done over many years into a single go to entity.

  • 2020

    Complete integration of digital channels

    Are you frustrated by having to deal with lots of different digital channels from separate systems? KickFire has solutions for the problem, so contact us to find out how

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